Featured Work

The case studies below represent a small sample of the recent projects I have worked on in healthcare. They are password-protected. If you would like access or would like to see other work, please contact me.

An image of 2 surgery management screens from case study project.

Making Surgery Safer

Three disparate products with outdated code fragment the user experience and are in need of new features to make surgery safer and more efficient. Where does a small UX team with no design system to bring them together even start?

Care Traffic Control

When a global pandemic strikes, high-salaried healthcare professionals resort to spending their days on the phone screening patients for infection. Surely with the technology of 2020 and recent advances in mobile platforms there is a better solution.

Images of screens allowing the management of SMS messaging in healthcare from the case study project.
An illustration of a medical team looking at a health dashboard for the Walgreens case study project.

The Next-generation Pharmacy

Pharmacy technicians find themselves sorting through stacks of paper, using antiquated software while patients wait in line. Is this 1916 or 2016? How can putting pills in a bottle and labeling a prescription be more efficient?