Each week (or thereabouts), I will feature a new UX resource that is free…until I run out of free resources, that is. I will tag these articles as UX Freebie so they are easier to locate. In addition, I will tweet the articles and tag them #uxfreebie in the event you would rather search through them there. The criteria for a resource to be a freebie is simple – it must be free, reviewed by me and UX related. This part of the site is about guiding you to a free UX resource so good you would have paid for it.

UX StorytellersMy first assignment in “UX” was nearly 10 years ago at Eli Lilly working on the information architecture and SEO of their intranet. UX was a relatively unheard of job title back then with “Information Architect” being a more common, but equally misunderstood title. In the 5 years following that first assignment, I held a number of different job titles related to information architecture, information design, SEO, UX etc. Sometimes I was an information architect, other times an interaction designer and still others I was working in SEO or scripting websites. Despite all of this experience, I still wonder about the direction of my profession/career and perpetually find myself selling my team’s services – helping people understand how we can add value. As I talk to colleagues and other professionals in the industry, I find I am not alone and always enjoy hearing their stories.

This week, I ran across a great resource – UX Storytellers Connecting the Dots. It is a compendium of stories and anecdotes from UX professionals across the globe. And while I have not read every story, the dozens I have read resonated with me. If you are just getting into the industry or have been around for a decade like me, you will find something of value in these stories. You will find their stories will console you and ease your concerns. Mostly, you’ll quickly figure out your struggles, doubts and worries are not your own, but shared with a global community of designers. There are over 400 pages of stories from 42 different professionals documenting their experiences in the field. You won’t always find a solution to your problems or struggles. But you will identify. And sometimes that’s all we need to keep plugging away, trying new ideas, concepts and designs.

Download Link: http://uxstorytellers.blogspot.com/2009/01/ux-storytellers-connecting-dots.html

Or click here: UX Storytellers – Connecting the Dots



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