Each week, I will feature a new UX resource that is free…until I run out of free resources, that is. I will tag these articles as UX Freebie so they are easier to locate. In addition, I will tweet the articles and tag them #uxfreebie in the event you would rather search through them there. The criteria for a resource to be a freebie is simple – it must be free, reviewed by me and UX related. This part of the site is about guiding you to a free UX resource so good you would have paid for it.

So you have the design ready and are in the final phase of prototyping, but still having trouble finding participants? This week’s freebie is nearly 200 pages and chocked full of ideas that are as pertinent today as they were when the report was written. It’s from the Nielsen Norman Group, so you know it is quality.

From the Nielsen Norman Group site:

This 190-page report gives you 234 guidelines on how to set up and manage a recruiting program. It also presents advice on when to outsource to a recruiting agency and when to use in-house recruiting.

Topics covered
Learn how to set up and manage a recruiting program to get the right users for usability studies
Know when it’s appropriate to outsource to a recruiting agency or use in-house recruiting
Planning for recruitingRecruiting criteria
Going to participants vs. having them come to you
Screening script and questionnaire
Screening and scheduling participantsRecruiting on your own
Working with an outside recruiting agency
Reusing Participants
Running the test sessionsEnsuring participants’ safety, privacy, and physical comfort
Preparing session materials
Dealing with unqualified participants
Building and maintaining a participant database and recruiting staff
Sample scripts and forms

You simply can’t go wrong with this one…given that it is free. So head over now and get your reading for the weekend. You’ll have them lined up out the door!

Download Link: How to Recruit Participants for Usability Studies

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